Pauly Fenech Gets Deadly Down Under. . . Live!

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Five movies, thousands of live comedy shows, over a hundred half hours of television. . . You could say Pauly Fenech has had experience.

Now, 20 years after 'Fat Pizza' first hit our screens, Pauly returns with some never-before-seen material in a new live show.

It will include all the funniest elements of his new 7Mate show 'Deadly Down Under', as well as crowd games, parody songs, alter egos, and more.

To give us an insight, Pauly answered some questions.

This new show includes never-before-seen material! Can you give us a bit of a sneaky insight into what to expect?
No sneaking! Do you ask Scott Morrison his budget plan in April? Do you ask a magician how he makes the car disappear? Do you ask if Kim Kardashian's ass is real?! It’s funny, that’s all you need to know. And people will be slapped with my mighty thong of thunder!

You've got a tonne of experience in the entertainment industry. What would you think is the most important lesson you've learned?
Never forget that the people who love your work are the most important! Don’t be a wanker and give 100 per cent no matter how many people are watching. Ten or one hundred thousand. No one likes a lazy performer!

And what has been the biggest challenge of your career as a whole?
TV and comedy is easy! Real life is much harder!

For those who don't know much about it, tell us a little bit about your television show 'Deadly Down Under'.
Well that was a show last year that took my team and a sausage dog across Australia. We searched, grabbed, and swam with the deadliest animals Australia has. We also chased ghosts and UFOs!
But the news is currently we are making a new 'Fat Pizza' TV series ! It will be on the Seven Network in November!

What elements of that will you be bringing to the stage?
Stop asking me to reveal the secrets from the show! I’ll thong slap you if you ask again!

You're bringing a few alter egos to the shows as well . . . How do you think they'll behave?
On stage I like to be as naughty as possible without being glasses or arrested. I may get semi-naked once the weather warms up.

How do you plan on sledging stereotypes?
We never sledge! We have inclusive fun with the obvious!

Summarise your show in three words.
Rude! Hilarious! Australian!

Pauly Fenech plays Calamvale Hotel 21 September and The Paddo (Paddington) 22 September.



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