Open Letter From Bianka Ismailovski To Her Mum

Bianka Ismailovski Bianka Ismailovski

Bianka Ismailovski will be appearing at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in no less than three shows this year.

Two of them will see her joined by podcast buddy Annie Nolan, and another is Bianka's first live solo podcast debut. . . So it's clear that Bianka will be pretty busy this Comedy Festival season!

The solo podcast show, 'Damsel Undistressed', sees Bianka displaying her resilience after a recent marriage split amidst the pandemic. Then, in the live 'We Want To Be Better', Bianka will be joined by Annie Nolan as they challenge themselves to be. . . Well, better.

Meanwhile, in 'Not Mothers' Daughters', the pair will reflect and recount all the advice their mums have given them over the years, and look at how it has shaped them as women.

Here, ahead of her trifecta of MICF gigs, Bianka Ismailovski pens an open letter to her mum.

“Dear mum,

They reckon you give everything to your kids only for them to grow up and resent you for it. But I don’t think that’s true. I don’t resent you for 'blessing' me with the same cackling laugh as you. Nor do I resent the thyroid condition I was so lucky to inherit from you. I’m grateful I got your looks (even though we both know you wore them better), but I’m more grateful that I didn’t get your bad dancing.

If anybody is resentful here, I’d say it’s you. You almost never answer my calls nowadays because you’re 'too busy' with your very eventful social life. Plus, you get a real attitude when I ask to borrow money (yes, mum, it’s definitely a loan, I promiseeeee I’ll pay you back!) Look, it’s fair enough that you should be sick of me because they say you only have to raise your kids until they turn 18 – but thankfully, you’ve gone above and beyond by continuing to raise me right through to 30 (and counting!) And considering my current status in life, and the zero assets to my name, I think you'll be raising me until I'm at least 40 (but to be fair, you boomers did screw up the economy so you kind of owe me for that).

Thanks for being a constant beacon of strength for me (and a great source of content for my stand-up). Love ya, mum. X”

Annie & Bianka play ‘Not Mothers' Daughters’ at Trades Hall 25 March-4 April, as well as a live podcast show of ‘We Want To Be Better’ at Comic’s Lounge 10-11 April and 17-18 April; and Bianka makes her live solo podcast debut with ‘Damsel Undistressed’ at Comic’s Lounge 27-28 March.



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