Nurse Georgie Carroll Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2019

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  • Wednesday, 27 February 2019 16:33
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Nurse Georgie Carroll Nurse Georgie Carroll

With over 20 years on the job as a nurse, comedian Georgie Carroll has plenty of stories to share and holds nothing back, as you would expect from someone who has seen it all.

With a relaxed, friendly demeanour and a no regrets attitude, she relays stories about her life and career with aplomb. You may not be laughing all the time but you’re happy to be there, eager for the next tale and when the laughs come – they come big.

‘Treat Yourself’ is a full one-hour show giving you a sense of how much material Georgie can draw on. The majority is about nursing, she talks about her own experiences, describes nurses at different stages of their career and draws out which audience members are nurses and gets them to share a bit too. Yet she also talks about being a stand-up comic and about her family too.

This is a pivotal moment in Georgie’s life as she recently resigned from nursing to concentrate more on her comedy career and family. While she is never overtly emotional about it, the moment imbues the show with meaning and reflection.

The comic is more than engaging throughout, many in the audience were nurses and the majority were women and they enjoyed the show laughing in recognition and delighting in Georgie’s no-holds-barred detailed descriptions of the human body and things that happen to it. The show sometimes felt less stand-up and more a chat given Georgie’s sometimes confessional style and easy rapport with the audience. If a joke did not land, the comedian just moved on, her personality so ingratiating that the jokes didn’t matter, the pacing and delivery was smooth and time just flew by.

As someone who puts on the swagger of having seen it all and no longer caring, she easily makes a connection in the telling of her love for her family and her previous career. A career which, after all, did involve caring for others for several years. Now her sole profession involves making people feel better again – by having a laugh. Georgie Carroll just can’t seem to help herself, she ends up making the world a better place no matter what she does and she’s damn funny doing it.

Georgie Carroll Tour Dates

26 Feb-2 Mar - Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival)
4-17 Mar - The Garden Of Unearthly Delights (Adelaide Fringe Festival)
21-23 Mar - Hotel Grand Chancellor (Laughs Of Launnie, Launceston)
27 Mar-12 Apr - European Bier Cafe (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
9-11 May - Enmore Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival)



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