Nikki Britton Wants To Have A Good Yarn With Her Audiences

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Comedian and all-round 'joy bomb' Nikki Britton presents her show 'One Small Step’.

The 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award nominee will be reflecting on a pre-COVID Eurotrip and the not-so-ideal events which occurred during it.

Sometimes, even after seeing countless shirts, mugs, pillows and phone cases emblazoned with inspiring 'you can do it' mantras, trauma and negativity can still hit hard. Luckily, comedy is there to meet that negativity and turn it into entertainment. . . Which is exactly what Nikki Britton will be presenting in 'One Small Step'.

Here, we have a chat with Nikki about the show, which is set to hit Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Tell us a bit about ‘One Small Step’.
It's about a trip I took to Europe (in the before times, obviously) where everything went tits up.

What made you want to write a stand-up gig around this theme?
Tragedy plus time equals comedy. Sure, in light of the current state of the world, the 'tragic' events of the trip seem to pale, but still, it makes for good comedy.

What do you think truly makes an audience connect with a comedian? Aside from good jokes of course. . .
Honesty, a sense of inclusivity and self awareness. A thumping big ego rarely leads to laughs. It's why your boss doesn't make you lol.

And what is it that drew you to the art of comedy when you began?
It all started with a dare. I loved comedy, although I'd never been to watch live stand-up in my life until I was standing in the wings, watching another open mic-er sweat through their five-minute spot at a comedy competition, immediately before it was my turn. A friend had signed me up for the comp and I got very drunk beforehand. So you could say friends and booze drew me to comedy.

What’s the main thing you have learned about stand-up since becoming a part of that world?
It's full of the weirdest, most eccentric and truly beautiful misfits. And also, the easier it looks, the more work it took to make it that way.

For Nikki newbies, how would you describe your style of comedy?
I've been described as a joy bomb, so that's a vibe. I hope people feel like they're hearing a good yarn from their best mate – warm, goofy, uncensored, sophisticated smut.

You were nominated for an award at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF). What was that like?!
It was super lovely and very humbling to be nominated alongside those other comedians and mates. I popped the fancy champagne that night.

What advice do you have for aspiring young comedians with goals of playing festivals like MICF, or Brisbane Comedy Festival?
Don't try to emulate anyone else. You can get inspiration from people you look up to, but ultimately, you do you, boo.

Nikki Britton plays Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival) 17-18 July, The Comedy Store (Sydney) 31 July and Comedy Republic (Melbourne) 13-14 August.



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