Nicole Kidman's New York Accent From The Undoing Parodied On Saturday Night Live

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Chloe Fineman as Nicole Kidman Chloe Fineman as Nicole Kidman Image - @nbcsnl on Twitter

It has been getting pretty positive reviews for its high production values and star-studded cast, which only makes 'The Undoing' more of a target for US comedy sketch show 'Saturday Night Live'.

'The Undoing', starring our own Nicole Kidman, is a series based on the 2014 novel 'You Should Have Known' and centres around psychologist Grace Fraser (Kidman), who is thrust into a scandal surrounding her husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant) and his supposed involvement in the death of a parent.

With the show currently making waves around the world on social media, Chloe Fineman from US skit show 'Saturday Night Live' has playfully taken aim at Nicole's New York accent in 'The Undoing' which on occasion, as viewers have pointed out, slips back into Australian.

The sketch sees Nicole's character in court pleading for Hugh Grant's character's innocence.

"There's no way he could have been that murderer," Chloe (as Nicole's character Grace) says. "He's too hot. . . And white."

'The Undoing' is currently streaming on Binge and Foxtel.



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