Nick Cody Tackles The Dad Bod

  • Written by  Daniele Foti-Cuzzola
  • Tuesday, 24 March 2020 11:31
Nick Cody Nick Cody

This piece was published before the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Australian comedian Nick Cody has never been one to shy away from sharing his personal experiences with audiences during his stand-up gigs.

Whether it’s discussing his drunken shenanigans at his buck’s party or his struggle to get back into shape, nothing is off the table when it comes to Cody. Now, the comedian is back with a brand-new show, ‘Dad Bod’, where he will be sharing his thoughts and delivering the laughs on his latest gig – fatherhood.

“'Dad Bod' is another hour of world-class stand-up from a red-bearded dickhead. My stuff is very autobiographical so there’s stuff about becoming a dad and just letting go and blowing out and having a good time,” Cody says.

“You see a lot of people go ‘oh hey, you’ve got kids now, you can’t have fun'. I still do sh.t all the time and still travel. . . My family and I will go on holiday and still be fun, but it’s just a different time in your life. It changes but it’s not a negative change. I tell my friends without kids that it’s maybe not the ability to take off and go wherever you want on a moment’s notice, but it’s replaced by fun in the more sort of mundane things. Like certain parts of my life that used to be boring and are now fun because there is a human in the house that has no idea what’s going on.”

Another change in Cody’s life since becoming a father just over a year ago is embracing, as the show's title suggests, a dad bod himself.

“I don’t use it as a negative thing. I am in way worse shape than what I was ten years ago, but ten years ago if I was getting three hours sleep a night and spewed on and a baby’s done a sh.t in the bed, I’d be a mess and I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“So the dad bod to me, if I see someone who's got their sh.t together and rocking a dad bod, I think that’s probably a better body to have than some of my friends who have no kids and are shredded, but they cry if they don’t have nine hours sleep. Give me a dad bod and the ability to overcome weeks of no sleep. What’s your end game?”

In addition to his extensive list of stand-up credits, Cody is also a regular on the TV circuit having appeared on ‘Talkin' About Your Generation’, ‘Have You Been Paying Attention?’ and Netflix’s ‘Please Like Me’; but the comedian insists it’s stand-up that is his true passion.

“Stand-up is the number one thing. Anything else is just like, f... it, I’ll give it a go and I’ll try it.

“The other week I did a bushfire relief show and the line-up was a bunch of people that I used to watch as teenager, doing a massive show at the Palais and it’s exciting. I’m at this legendary theatre with all these great comics on and on the way home, because I just love stand-up, I stopped in and did a spot for 15 people because I’ve realised after 13 years it's the 'doing the actual thing' that is my favourite. Everything else is whatever.”

Nick Cody was due to play comedy festivals which have been cancelled due to COVID-19.



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