Luka Muller Leaves It All Up To His Audience In Old/New/Other

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Luka Muller Luka Muller

Luka Muller's got the jokes. . . So it's up to you as his audience to construct a show from them.

He's been around Australia and abroad presenting his comedy, and for this show 'Old/New/Other' at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Luka has decided to put a great deal of faith in his audience.

“I’m real excited to bring a loose and fun and honest show to the festival,” he says. “The show is just the audience choosing from a list of jokes and I do them in whatever order it comes out in, so it’s different every night and way more fun.”

Luka says it only makes sense for the content to be a mishmash of material ready to be slotted into place.

“I feel like with the year we’ve just had, no comedian has actually had the time to prepare a proper full-length show. So I figured I’d do something a bit looser, and cheaper, and it’s turned out to be super fun and fulfilling for me and the crowds.”

Even though it's a different experience each time, Luka says 'Old/New/Other' has been more than just some funny stand-up for him.

“I also feel just so lucky to be back on stage and there was something freeing about this last year. I’m feeling comfortable on stage and opening up about my Asexuality and mental health in the show has been very nice.

"I’m hoping the crowds are responsive to the honesty in the show and the vulnerability in doing it all on the fly. I hope they feel like they’re part of a one-off thing each night that’s never the same.”

Luka Muller plays Imperial Hotel, Loop Project Space & Bar (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 5-17 April.



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