Livewired Comedy Lights Up Brisbane Powerhouse For Sundays Full Of Laughs

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  • Friday, 09 August 2019 10:13
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Jasmine Fairbairn Jasmine Fairbairn

Brisbane Powerhouse is bringing the laughs back to the weekend with the return of Livewired Comedy.

Forget spending your Sunday afternoon preparing for the week ahead... Capitalise on the last day of your weekend with the best in local comedy, plus a few special surprises.

“My biggest hope for Livewired is that it's as successful as Knockoff was,” External Producer of Livewired Comedy Jasmine Fairbairn says.

“We get the same amount of audiences, we get the same type of audiences and maybe they're even more relaxed and ready to laugh because they've had all weekend to wind down.”

Previously programmed on Sunday afternoons was Livespark, a weekly free live music gig. With this event taking a hiatus for 2019, Livewired Comedy has stepped up to keep the entertainment fresh and jokes sharp.

After five years, Brisbane Powerhouse is shaking up its comedy programme and moving Knockoff, the weekly free comedy event on a Friday evening, to Sunday and welcoming back the original name, Livewired Comedy.

“I don't think they changed the day because there was a lot happening on Fridays in Brisbane. There is a lot of stuff happening on Sunday as well and the Friday slot was early enough that you could catch anything afterwards. I think the reason why they moved it to Sunday is they finished up with there live music, so they wanted to pop something in there and since everyone had been clambering for it to go back to Sunday, they thought they would give it a go.”

There is no shortage of talent for this year's instalment of the renowned comedy showcase with a host of previous comics returning to the stage again.

“We had Daniel Townes headlining on 28 July and Joseph Green on 11 August, plus anyone coming in from town there's a lot of Gold Coast gigs, and then the Heya Comedy Club where they can come and drop in on Livewired, it makes it a lot easier being an hour-long show and earlier in the night at five.”

“The reason it was called Knockoff because it was on Friday and everyone was knocking off work, if it's on Sunday it doesn't make sense to call it that because the vast majority aren't knocking off work, so we decided to change it to Livewired which was the original name, because it already had such a following in its day.”

“A real favourite (to replace Knockoff) was Sunday Roast which was a really great name but the problem was the show isn't a comedy roast, but it really was a catchy name.”

It’s the same event showcasing Brisbane’s best local and visiting comedians live on stage serving up an hour of free rib-cracking laughs with a fresh new look.

“It's similar line-ups, nothing drastic but we've worked really hard the last couple of years to bring more international acts and well-known acts. Working together with producers for people that are coming through to give them a bit more of a variety of gigs to do.”

Livewired showcases an hour-long show from 5pm every Sunday.



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