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Kitty Flanagan Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan's comedy stylings are brilliant.

Her timing all the way down to the way she simply enunciates and articulates words all contribute to how well she's able to engage an audience as part of her stand-up shows.

Kitty's new show 'Smashing' at Brisbane Powerhouse was no exception to this. The basis for the show was a critique on how 'smashing' is the only verb necessary these days. “Everyone's smashing everything,” Kitty said at one point. “You don't drink a coffee anymore, you smash a coffee”.

It then shifted into a 'journey'. Kitty told us that a journey is often defined by a person overcoming their fear. Kitty's fear? Publicly talking about sex. We spent the next hour and a bit hearing details about the more unfortunate experiences Kitty has been through when it comes to her sex life and it could have been revolting and a little uncomfortable but instead it was hysterical and effortlessly enjoyable.

Comedy fueled by hatred and general distaste for certain aspects of life can work well and admittedly be side-splitting for sure, but what makes Kitty Flanagan great aside from everything mentioned up to now is that she comes across as a genuinely kind person wanting to make people laugh. When you have a temperament like hers it makes it very easy for audiences to warm to you and that's what the Powerhouse did for Kitty.

My positive perception of her as an audience member was further confirmed post-show, as she signed merchandise and took photos with fans individually, thanking them for coming and just showing appreciation in general towards them (including myself!).

A witty, brilliantly timed and expertly written show, 'Smashing' was just a preview of why Kitty's career has been blessed with longevity and flourishing success in Australia. The comedian was able to tell the most gruesome of stories all the while making everyone laugh and coming across as a genuine human being with an honest and kind disposition.



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