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'I See Dead People' 'I See Dead People'
Please note: 'I See Dead People' was conceived and performed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

KC Martin-Stone sees dead people, lots and lots of dead people.

KC confronts the grim spectre of death in her show 'I See Dead People', and no, not talking about Bruce Willis. Grow up.

Death remains a taboo topic for many and in 'I See Dead People', KC explores topics such as how different cultures deal with dead bodies, what's the most environmentally-friendly way to go and whether or not Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

“Audiences can expect a show that is equal parts light and dark, pushes the boundaries of good taste, and is alternately shocking and illuminating,” KC explains. “People should come if they want to figure out how to get rid of their body when they die.”

“I hope people who see the show enjoy the laughs and learn something new, and also surprise me with quirky facts I don’t know. Recently a fan sent me a link to a technical manual for estimating the emissions from crematoria, and that was better than an unsolicited photo of their genitals!”

While comedy has a long history of the lawyer-turned-comedian, KC Martin-Stone holds the distinction of being Australia’s premier archaeologist-turned-comedian and she’s coming all the way from the Top End to talk about ending up six feet under in her Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut.

Suffice to say, KC is just dying to meet you.

“I love how the show gets people thinking. The audience has the chance to ask me anything they want to know about dead bodies and death care, and it’s always fascinating to see where that leads. I’m looking forward to seeing what quirky questions Melbourne people ask.”

Upcoming 'I See Dead People' dates have been cancelled due to COVID-19.



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