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Jeff Green did not disappoint at this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival as he returned with another hour of his trademark rapid-fire observational jokes and killer punchlines!

Family man, award-winning comedian, and arguably the best one-liner-deliverer in the business, Jeff Green returned (after a delayed series of shows from last year) for his 'Recovering Optimist' show at this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival.

You’d struggle to find a comedian at this year’s show that not only delivers consistently relevant and timely content, but also is able to adapt quickly to his audience in a way that makes us feel as though we had a hand at creating the set alongside him, but Green does it flawlessly. He clearly has done this consistently, considering the cult following Green seemed to have in the audience.

His one-liners warranted a range of responses in the audience, from traditional belly laughs frequented throughout the show, to knee slapping, asthmatic gasping, and farm animal impersonating laughter filling the Underground Theatre like a symphony of giggles that only Green could conduct.

His stories were quick-witted and well delivered, with nods to his 262 days of lockdown in Melbourne, his life as a family man, father and husband, and his previous life of being an award-winning comedian in the UK, and the unusual (yet perfect for comedy content) adventures that came along with it. Coming away from his show, we not only felt the welcomed belly ache of laughing for more than 60 minutes straight, but we also felt as though we had come away with an old friend. It was clear to see why his sold-out shows were filled with avid fans who had been waiting for six months to see 'Recovering Optimist'.

Perfectly curated for his Brisbane audience, featuring mentions of our floods and elections, Jeff Green did not disappoint with this year’s show, and had us aching for more as his hour wrapped up far too quickly. Whether you’re a 20-something-year-old looking for a hilarious night out, or a middle-aged father from the UK who just wants a little comedic relief, you’ll find plenty to laugh at and even more to relate with at Jeff Green’s 'Recovering Optimist'.



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