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Iliza Shlesinger Iliza Shlesinger

There's just something about Iliza.

She's released a number of Netflix specials and toured the globe, so it's not a shock that her latest show, the 'Forever' tour, is as much of a roaring success as her previous work.

The 'Forever' tour has all the hallmarks of an Iliza gig: her croaky impersonation voice, fascinating storytelling, and fresh comedy. Sure, it's passable when a comedian recycles a bunch of old jokes in a new gig, whatever, but you won't get that here, which is a pleasant surprise considering the sheer amount of material this woman consistently puts into the world. Each time she graces a stage it seems she comes armed with a rich handful of stories to tell, and they're never boring or unfunny.

Iliza has a true talent for her craft. Not only is she good at it, she also seems exceptionally passionate and determined to make her audience laugh.

This is a show packed full of humorous observations in the realms of feminism, marriage (insert majority of fabulous new material here), and first world problems. You can also expect some genius off-the-cuff work at any given Iliza performance. In Brisbane, she managed to take a random hair she found on stage and incorporate it into the show as if it had been strategically placed there before the lights went down. It's brilliant, and just as encapsulating as her scripted work. That's a comedian, ladies and gentlemen.

She's able to move from one topic to the next with ease, and is a natural when it comes to melding genuinely meaningful anecdotes with lovingly crafted punchlines.

Iliza Shlesinger has managed to expertly navigate the world of comedy for more than a decade, constantly pushing out relatable and dynamic content which is critically acclaimed time after time. If you want a shining example of this, go and see the 'Forever' tour.


Iliza Shlesinger finishes off her 'Forever' tour at Hamer Hall (Melbourne), 15 February.


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