Heather McMahan On Self-Deprecation, Syphilis-Free Koala Hugs, And Her Comedy Roots

Heather McMahan
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The honeymoon's over, but Heather McMahan is geared up to dive back into the grind, bringing her comedic brilliance down under this February.

Australia's in for a taste of a true humorist as the US comedian and Netflix sensation flawlessly spins humour from life's not-so-funny moments, juggling personal and professional setbacks like her dad's passing and the adulting feat of moving back into her mother's house.

Armed with a legion of fans and a chart-topping podcast, ‘Absolutely Not’, Heather is all set to conquer the Aussie comedy scene.

Embarking on her first Australian tour this February, McMahan is enthusiastic about exploring the land down under. "I've never been to Australia. So, I'm so thrilled. Honestly, I'm ready to see all the beaches," she exclaims. Aware of our insane food scene, she's eager to taste it all while playing in three very cool cities. And, of course, there's the quintessential Aussie experience she's ready for – hugging a koala, "if you can, without getting syphilis".

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On 'The Comeback Tour', McMahan promises a no-holds-barred experience. "We're not holding anything back. It is a look at my first year into marriage, and my 30-day honeymoon that I did abroad. So, it's basically self-deprecating stories and relationship stuff that everybody can relate to, whether they're married or not. And it's just a really good time, like, have some white wine, take an edible, come to the show, and we tear it out."

Known for drawing humour from personal and professional setbacks, McMahan shares her perspective on using comedy to address serious topics and connect with her audience. "I can only speak from my point of view and my perspective, so the story that I'm telling, is what I've been through. I just feel like we're all going through human experiences together,” she says.

“We're all kind of trauma bonding and trauma dumping together. I don't really tell anybody else's story but my own, but I know it's so relatable."

Looking back on her comedic journey, McMahan fondly reminisces about her goofball days.

Channelling inspiration from Niecy Nash, one of her favourite actresses, Heather recalls a recent interview where Nash shared, "When you're little, you always get in trouble for being funny, right? When you're the class clown, you're always getting marks on your report card saying you talk too much. And then later, it's nice to finally see it pay off". Heather's comedic roots run deep; her inaugural stand-up performance involved roasting the senior class at her high school prom while she was still a junior.

With her popularity skyrocketing, McMahan jovially attributes her humility to her living situation. "Well, I do think it helps that my husband and I live with my mom,” Heather explains. “She'll never let me get a big head. I stay pretty humble because there's nothing that anybody else could say to me that my old 76-year-old mother hasn't said."

Having already sold-out Radio City, McMahan sets her sights on the next big goal – selling out Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Beyond 'The Comeback Tour', she envisions delving into more TV and film projects, expanding her repertoire beyond stand-up, writing a book, and, of course, the ambitious goal of selling out the iconic Madison Square Garden.

As Heather McMahan prepares to hit the Aussie stages, one thing's for sure – laughter is on the horizon, and she's ready to tear the house down, one hilarious anecdote at a time.

Heather McMahan Australia Tour Dates

16 February – Factory Theatre (Sydney)
22 February – The Tivoli (Brisbane)
23 February – The Palms At Crown (Melbourne)

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