Harley Breen Says All The Words We Cannot Say

Harley Breen
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Hilarious stories, naughty words, lots of laughter and a little bit of pee – ladies and gentlemen, it can only be Harley Breen and he's bringing his new show 'Only Words' around Australia.

"Anyone who has ever seen me live knows pretty well what they're in for,” Harley states.

“For those who haven't, all you need to know is I'll use words for an hour, some naughty ones, some small and some I don't even know the meaning of – all you have to do is laugh. A bit of wee might come out, then we'll all head into the night slightly dumber but happier than when we started. It's comedy! Words."

From travelling to Russia with the Socceroos, hitting up Vegas for a buck's party, releasing his new show 'Taboo' for Channel 10 and having a new baby, the past two years have given Harley plenty of material for 'Only Words'.

“If all that doesn't fill an hour there's always stories about my butthole,” he says, in a misguided attempt at reassuring us.

“Oh, and I accidentally left my notebook in my child's school bag and it got passed around a group of eight-year-olds – the principal gave me detention for life."

'Only Words' is a tale of travel, love and offence in a time where all three could get you 'cancelled'. Outrage is fun. Why be offended? They’re only words.

Harley Breen Tour Dates

14-16 February – Adelaide Fringe
28-29 February – Brisbane Comedy Festival
26 March-1 April – Melbourne International Comedy Festival
1 May – Perth Comedy Festival
14-17 May – Sydney Comedy Festival

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