Gordon Southern's Nisolation – When A UK Comedian Gets Trapped In Paradise

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Globetrotting UK comedian Gordon Southern thought he'd only be sitting tight Down Under for a few weeks when COVID reared its head. Turns out, he accidentally emigrated here.

Gordon has been entertaining audiences in Australia, New Zealand and around the world since 2004, and has appeared on our screens in ABC's 'Comedy Up Late' and 'Stand And Deliver'. But he's never been here for this long before.

So, what better way to spend time trapped in a foreign country than writing a new show?

'Nisolation' is the award-winning comedian's feel-good new hour of luck and love; an affectionate celebration of Australia.

“It's a multimedia diary of my lockdown(s) and beyond in Australia. Having never spent more than a few weeks in the same place for decades this was a surprising and largely positive experience of what it is like to live a relatively 'normal' life. . . Which shows how chaotic mine was before the pandemic,” Gordon describes.

“My girlfriend and I decided to ride out the few weeks unemployment and lockdown the whole world faced in March of 2020. Within four months I sort of had the chance to leave but. . . I didn’t want to,” he continues.

“I felt so lucky to be in Australia, as my home town in South London endured waves of hardship. I even got a little work, and some sense of routine that a self styled 'road dog' touring comic doesn’t get.”

“So I made 'Nisolation', a love letter to an Australia I may have accidentally retired to way too early.”

'Nisolation' plays The Laugh Resort at The Shoe Bar & Cafe 20-31 January.



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