FUNT's Top 5 German Words

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Jess was scenestr National Arts and Comedy editor between 2014 and 2017.

When the co-creator of 'Wilfred', Tony Rogers, joined the author of 'Images You Should Not Masturbate To', Rob Hibbert, the hit web series 'How To Talk Australians' was created. Now, they're back at it with a new TV comedy series about Christians, the Bee Gees and frozen penises – 'FUNT'.

Following a hairy bunch of dissidents who set-up their own TV network (in analogue), 'FUNT' is a door-to-door service delivered to you by Bob, Neil and Noel (played by The Nelson Twins). The out-dated mob create content for niche channels and provide an outlet for unrepresented groups – Amish, Christians, Albinos and Bird Mockers – that are currently being neglected by the traditional TV networks.

Here are some of the channels featured on FUNT: The Smoking Channel, The Bird Mocking Channel, The Amish Channel, The Albino Channel, The Naughty Channel, The Moustache Channel, The Christian Music Channel and The Misadventure Channel.

Using Kickstarter (crowdfunding platform) to gain funding for this large production – FYI , projects are only funded once the goal is met – Tony says fans should trust them with their donations because: “We’ve learnt from our mistakes, and we’re pretty sure we can repeat them.”

FUNTV3“The commercial networks in Australia wouldn't touch this show with a 10ft bargepole, and with recent government funding cuts, we can only really afford a 4ft pole... and that's quite simply not going to reach,” Rob encourages. "I'm not really sure where this metaphor is going..." and it's hard to disagree with him.

FUNTV1Since there are no education channels featured on FUNT, the creators have provided their top 5 favourite German words (so you can learn something today):


Art isn't something we are particularly fond of, but those Germans have a way with words. Who wouldn't want to attend a Kunst Fest?


German for butterfly. A beautiful word. A beautiful creature. In Bavaria they make a schmetterling sausage, known as schmetterlingwurst. You need a lot of schmetterling to make a decent schmetterlingwurst.


Bull's penis. Need we say more.


German for pig. Those Germans love their pork. Tony and I often sit down and have a schweinshaxn for breakfast before writing. It's an oven roasted pork knuckle served with sauerkraut and bread dumplings. It's a messy dish. It ends up all over your lederhosen.


One of Hitler's finest henchmen. Not to be confused with the small, furry rodent (Gerbil) that some people like to put up their offnung (opening). Google: 'Gerbilling Mishap'


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