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'Frocking Hilarious' 'Frocking Hilarious'

’Frocking Hilarious' is set to be a night of laughs in support of global women's rights organisation ActionAid.

ActionAid has promoted women's rights in more than 45 countries globally for more than 40 years. The show at Brisbane Comedy Festival will spotlight and star queens of Australian comedy in its return after a sell-out 2020 show, hosted by Claire Hooper.

'Frocking Hilarious' began in 2013 and went on to become an event not only showing Sydney but also eventually expanding to Brisbane and Melbourne, with this year's iteration set to feature stories ready to put audiences into fits of laughter, while supporting a good cause.

This is your chance to join in for some laughs and to do your bit to change the world!

Here, ActionAid Executive Director Michelle Higelin fills us in on what to expect.

This show is in support of ActionAid. Tell us a bit about that!
'Frocking Hilarious' is a fabulous night of comedy by women, for women! The show raises vital funds for ActionAid’s work with women taking action to change the world for the better, while also raising the spirits of everyone in the audience. Ticket sales and money raised on the night will support women to build a better future for themselves and their communities. Whether it be through leading efforts to prevent COVID-19, responding to climate change and disasters or legal support for women escaping violence, the funds raised will help women reclaim their rights and challenge injustices.

Why is ActionAid the perfect organisation to support for this event?
For over 40 years, ActionAid has been working to advance women’s rights in over 45 countries around the world and to support their efforts to end poverty and injustice. ActionAid has trained women in Vanuatu to prepare for disasters and adapt to climate change, we’ve supported women garment workers in Bangladesh stand up to violence at work, and mobilised women farmers in Uganda to claim their land rights. And that’s just a few recent examples. Women’s rights and empowerment are at heart of everything of everything we do.

How did ‘Frocking Hilarious’ begin?
It all began in Sydney in 2013. Way back then, there was an article in the paper saying that an all-women comedy line-up wouldn't sell out. ActionAid wanted to put that theory to the test. I guess we showed them as it went on to be one of the headline events at Sydney Comedy Festival a few years later and now it’s expanded to Brisbane and Melbourne.

What kinds of topics will be covered during this year’s ‘Frocking Hilarious’?
Without giving too much away you can expect to hear some rip-roaring stories about life, love, lockdowns and everything in between.

And who will be performing?
We’ve got a who’s who of the Brisbane Comedy Festival. It’s a line-up of rising stars, established comedy queens and hometown favourites. ActionAid Ambassador, comedian and TV host, Claire Hooper is the MC. There’s something for everyone.

Why do you think an event like this is important?
It’s been an incredibly difficult year for so many of us but it’s important to have fun. It’s also good to think about what we can do to help each other. 'Frocking Hilarious' is like your friend with a big personality and an even bigger heart. It’s a night to let your hair down while lifting each other up and we need that, now more than ever.

What are you looking forward to about being part of Brisbane Comedy Festival this year?
Everything! It’s a real highlight of the year. The chance to be part of this amazing event that brings together some of Australia’s funniest women for a cause that I am passionate about. Who doesn’t love being in a room full of laughter (assuming it’s not at your own expense)?

What is your favourite thing about the art of comedy?
Comedy can break down social barriers and find common ground. There is laughter to be found in the strangest places. Being able to see the humour in life is a valuable skill that should be practised and celebrated.

How would you describe ‘Frocking Hilarious’ in three words?
Fierce, fabulous and (very, very) funny.

’Frocking Hilarious' plays Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival) 7 August.



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