Flabbergasters At Brisbane Comedy Festival – Blindfolds, Balloons, Chainsaws, Oh My!

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Families can expect sleight-of-hand and out-of-breath experiences during a new magic show at this year's Brisbane Comedy Festival.

'Flabbergasters' sees Brisbane magic maestros Pete Booth and Joel Fenton, aka 'Cirque Stuntman Joel', present a one-hour cauldron of astounding action designed to leave you. . . Well, flabbergasted!

Pete Booth is one of the River City's best comedic magicians, blending close-up magic and illusion with lots of misdirection to leave audiences giggling.

Cirque Stuntman Joel has travelled the country showing off his daredevil physical skills, including balancing, juggling, ballooning and more.

"It's been a dream of ours to create a magic show that kids will love, and parents will get a kick out of too," Pete says.

"Our love of magic started when we were kids, and we're excited that 'Flabbergasters' might inspire another generation of conjurers and illusionists.

The intimate Studio space at the Brisbane Powerhouse means there's nowhere for Pete and Stuntman Joel to hide.

"We'll progress from blindfold juggling to chainsaw juggling, from balloon dog teleportation to getting swallowed by a giant balloon – and it'll only be an arm's length away from the audience," Pete says.

Best of all, kids will get a gift of magic to take home.

"We'll teach them a few simple tricks they can practice on their friends - but don't worry mums and dads, it won't be anything with a chainsaw!”

'Flabbergasters' is presented by longtime Brisbane Comedy Festival favourites Act React, which specialises in presenting pop culture-inspired theatre and comedy.

Get a little magic in your face this May with 'Flabbergasters' at the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

'Flabbergasters' plays Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival) 6-7 May.

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