Dylan Moran Wants You To Leave Your Expectations At The Door In Dr Cosmos

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  • Wednesday, 13 November 2019 09:57
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It has been four years since Irish comedian, writer, actor and filmmaker Dylan Moran last performed in Australia with his manic 'Off The Hook' tour.

Now, the two-time BAFTA TV Award-winner is back down under with his brand-new show 'Dr Cosmos'. The highly-anticipated show sees Moran sharing his unique takes on love, politics, misery and the everyday absurdities of life.

“I just respond to what seems to be going on and what way the world is stating its own madness today,” Moran explains while on the phone during a break in Tasmania. “'Dr Cosmos' came from seeing all these populist politicians sticking their heads above the carpet at the same time; Scott Morrison, Donald Trump and the rest of them.”

“They’re all sort of symptoms or reactions to a general sense of unease or uncertainty about the rate of change in the world; globally in terms of employment, in terms of security or what we are all doing, why are we doing it, the planet and the cost of what we think we need, and trying to be more aware of what we actually need and not torch the planet while we are doing it.”

In addition to discussing topical issues, the Perrier Award-winner will focus on day-to-day life topics including discussing relationships between parents and their children and relationships between partners. “Well I talk about what’s going on, I try to talk about why people feel the way they do, their actions, why they’re worked up about things and want to release from all of that.”

While some comedians might fear today’s politically correct climate, Moran dismisses political correctness as a mere “concept”.

“I don’t think about it. That’s a concept people bring to it, you know you have to bear in mind what you are bringing to the evening. People are worried about offending people. I’m just talking to people and if you want to be offended about something then I’m not going to interrupt you. So go ahead and be offended.”

While some might consider Moran’s style of humour controversial, Moran insists he just wants his audience to leave their expectations at the door and to come in and have a good time: “I don’t want audiences knowing what to expect,” he explains. “The whole point of it is you come and you have a good time. I don’t have a good time knowing exactly what I’m in for. . . I just want people to come in and have a laugh.”

In addition to his stand-up comedy work, Moran also boasts an impressive list of screen credits, from his BAFTA TV Award-winning series ‘Black Books’, to roles in comedies ‘Run Fatboy Run’, ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and the Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant classic ‘Notting Hill’. Moran reveals that a return to the screen is on the cards for 2020 but remains tight-lipped about the upcoming project.  “I’m actually writing (the series) while I’m in Australia and it’s supposed to be on the BBC next year some time; but other than that I can’t say a hell of a lot about it.”

Dylan Moran Tour Dates

13 November – Thebarton Theatre (Adelaide)
14-15 November – Riverside Theatre (Perth)
18 November – Darwin Entertainment Centre
20 November – Cairns Convention Centre
22 November – Townsville Entertainment Centre
23 November – Star Theatre (Gold Coast)
25 November – Civic Theatre (Newcastle)
26 November – State Theatre (Sydney)
27 November – Wollongong Town Hall
29 November – Hamer Hall (Melbourne)
30 November – State Theatre (Sydney)
2-5 December – Queensland Performing Arts Centre



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