DeAnne Smith: Her Show Is Totally Worth It

DeAnne Smith DeAnne Smith

Canadian-American comic DeAnne Smith returns to the Australian comedy circuit this year with her new show ‘Worth It.’

“Audiences can expect their experience to be a hundred per cent worth it. That’s kind of the underlying theme of the show, is how do we spend our money and why and what do we feel like makes it an experience worth it for us. So I’d say they can expect those things and if I sound vague it is in part because I want to tease you to come see the show and it is in part because at this time of year I am still finishing writing the show.”

The beloved comic has always just aimed to be herself and her personality has delighted audiences around the world. “People have called my comedy nerdy but dirty which feels fair. Because as much as I try to have a smart joke there will always be some little element of smut or as much as I try to have a dirty joke you know there’s going to be like a statistic or some feminist angle. Nerdy but dirty is pretty fair.”

Having spent her 20s living in Mexico teaching English and writing poetry she came to stand-up after deferring a Masters in Creative Writing. “I really love the art form and the expression and everything that it’s done for me. This is kind of cheesy but stand-up to me makes me a better person.”

Elaborating further on her craft DeAnne says “Because it’s not just the stand-up that’s there giving of themselves. It’s the audience that’s there with their time and money and attention. I just think it’s such a special thing. I don’t take any of it for granted. It’s like creating something unique, just with those people, that night. I love it.”

Getting back to the theme of the show DeAnne offers a powerful statement on her own priorities regarding money. “One thing that might make it into the show... I certainly do not come from a rich family or I come from means so when I say this, it’s not that I have anything to fall back on. But for whatever reason I have always been unconcerned with money and with accumulating wealth. To me life has always been about taking care of yourself and doing what you want to do. I think I’ve never really approached those things in the same way as other people. I’m very happy to be making a living doing comedy but it never stressed me out really. ”

Having figured out what is important in her life and how to be comfortable in her own skin, DeAnne Smith is set to keep delighting audiences for a long time yet, bringing her charming wit to the Brisbane Comedy Festival this March.

DeAnne Smith Dates

22-24 March – Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival)
29 March-22 April – Greek Centre (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
24 April – The Comedy Store (Sydney Comedy Festival)
27 April – State Theatre Centre (Perth Comedy Festival)



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