Dave Thornton Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2018

Dave Thornton
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Dave Thornton is igniting audiences in his new show ‘So What Now?’.

Quickly proving why he is a King of Comedy, this true Aussie larrikin took over the Brisbane Comedy Festival as one of the must-see acts this season.

Performing at Brisbane Powerhouse’s Visy Theatre, Dave established his presence profoundly and had audiences in fits of laughter – even within a minute of the show commencing.

With jests so relevant to real-life and witty interactions that put people on the spot, he showed that he is a natural in this comedic world. Especially with his raucous and honest nature that spoke volumes about how society thinks.

‘So What Now?’ had it all. Dave heckled, conversed and traversed through topics with ease in an engaging performance of his new stand-up routine.

For those unaware, Dave has quickly made a name for himself, thanks to his self-deprecating style of comedy. Audiences are likely to have encountered his work one way or another as he has built a global reputation. With TV appearances (on ‘The Project’, ‘Sideliners’ and ’20 To 1’), a radio gig with Fox FM and regular shows at many comedy festivals, it’s easy to see why he has an army of fans.

His effortless and down-to-earth nature was unexpectedly delightful for new followers visiting his latest gig.

Quick to comment on the Queensland and Brisbane lifestyles, Dave made audiences feel right at home. Localising jokes and encouraging audience involvement, his conversations poked fun at topics incredibly relatable for many.

As a new parent, he was quick to fill us in the reality of his situation and the joys of discovering things about his daughter, Frieda. Although some hecklers have accused him for talking way too much about his kid, Dave showed the difference between truth and comedy, and really gave the audience exactly what they wanted. There was never a dull or silent moment – unless it was of Dave’s own intentional doing.

Other laugh-out-loud gags during the evening included his experiences molesting avocados, piss-taking on our property and hipster culture, a funny and obvious joke about the word ‘queue’ and the realities of his mother buying her first smart phone.

Not only is Dave a great story-teller, but his impersonations are on point and he visibly re-enacts comical scenarios for the audiences enjoyment. It’s easy to be swept up within his routine as you struggle to stop the smile on your face. He has an ability to make you laugh to the point where you almost can’t breathe – be forewarned.

As Dave Thornton describes in his performance, he is a Ted talk with punch lines. He is also however, a life lesson with irony, and 'House Husbands' uncensored.

He lights up audiences who leave with the belief that he is quite literally a new favourite comedian and an incredible act on the circuit.

Dave Thornton is a firework – go and see what he’s worth.

Dave Thornton Dates

24 March – Australian National University (Canberra Comedy Festival)
29 March-22 April – Max Watt’s (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
9-11 May – The Comedy Store (Sydney Comedy Festival)

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