Cy Fahey Is The Thinking Man's Bogan

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Cy Fahey Cy Fahey

Malaysian-born, 'Greek-looking Aboriginal' and all-round engaging presence Cy Fahey will engage his audiences throughout this hour of stand-up at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

'Thinking Man's Bogan' is Cy's debut solo hour, bringing his weirdness and confronting sense of identity to the foreground as he puts a tongue-in-cheek spin on getting older, online dating and punching above your weight. It's Cy's greatest hits, and he doesn't even have an album.

Cy spent his time throughout COVID working as a garbage truck driver.

“As an essential service, I just worked through lockdown and put my efforts into buying a house,” Cy reflects. “The most tedious experience of my adult life.”

As for the show, Cy has written at least five minutes of good jokes every year since 2008, so it's time to bring all the gold together. Is there a particular theme or overarching topic 'Thinking Man's Bogan' will be centred around?

“It's not about anything really,” Cy answers. “Just cramming all my best jokes into a solid hour of laughs.”

And when it comes to his goals and intentions for his time throughout the festival, what's on the top of Cy's list of priorities? “Just getting in there, making people laugh and sleeping in.”

“It may take me another ten years to write a show this good. So get in now and have a solid laugh.”

Sage advice – you heard the man!

Cy Fahey plays Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 8-18 April.



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