Cy Fahey Is Just Providing Some Solid Laughs

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Cy Fahey Cy Fahey

This piece was published before the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

In his debut solo hour 'Thinking Man's Bogan', Cy Fahey puts his unique tongue-in-cheek spin on getting older, online dating and identity politics. No dark stories or personal journeys. Just a mic, punchlines and lots of laughter.

Cy Fahey has a weirdness and confronting sense of identity to his humour, but what else would you expect from a Malaysia-born Aboriginal who looks Greek?

"Just some solid, intellectually low-brow comedy,” Cy says about what audiences can expect from the show.

“I'm an intelligent dumb person, whereas my sister is the dumb intelligent person. My show is very tongue-in-cheek and a little irreverent. I'm not here to make any major statements, just to go for the laughs and poke a little fun, mainly at myself.”

Cy has been performing comedy since 2008, each year producing at least five minutes of jokes that are actually good (top effort!). At this point, he feels he has amassed enough for them to be considered his greatest hits, despite never having produced an album.

Ahead of his first-ever hour, the three-time Deadly Funny national finalist says he's most looking forward to sleeping in.

"My day job has me up at 5am every day, but mainly I'm looking forward to backing myself and just performing what I believe is a solid hour of comedy,” he says.

“For years I've been saying I'd do my solo show but always came up with excuses. But this year I made the leap and will hopefully do myself justice.”

Cy Fahey was due to play Melbourne International Comedy Festival which has been cancelled due to COVID-19.



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