Cool Story Bro: 5 Top Storytellers With Big Fork Theatre

'Cool Story Bro' 'Cool Story Bro'

Local legends Big Fork Theatre are bringing a mega version of their popular storytelling-meets-improvised comedy show 'Cool Story Bro' to the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

While they’ve loved all the storytellers they've had over the years, they share with us five of their faves from past shows:

Kaitlyn Plyley

Kaitlyn was our very first storyteller ever! She was funny and charming, and her stories had the audience on the edge of their seats – all without ever seeing the show before. For a long time Kaitlyn hosted a conversational podcast called 'Just A Spoonful' in which she spoke with young people living with disability or chronic illness. It's still online and worth a listen.

Mel Buttle

Mel Buttle is one of Brisbane’s favourite homegrown comedians, the host of 'Great Australian Bake Off' and an excellent storyteller. Mel’s last tale about using an over-the-phone survey as a cover to speak to her crush had the audience in stitches! The characters in Mel’s stories feel like they are in the room which helps our improvisers bring them to life on stage.

Jasmine Fairbairn

Jasmine is our first storyteller to reach the three-timers club and there’s a reason we keep asking her back! Jasmine’s stories are always so rich in detail they make you feel like you’re there – which is perfect for improvising from. Jasmine is a local favourite on the Brisbane stand up scene.

Damien Power

When award-winning comedian Damien steps onto stage he has the complete and undivided attention of the audience. When your storyteller has the audience on their side the rest of the show is set up for success. We can’t wait to see Damien’s show 'Violent Chaos Anyone?' at the festival.

Ting Lim

When we explain how 'Cool Story Bro' works to our guest storytellers we tell them not to worry about jumping straight in if they are coming up blank, just talk about the suggestion. Ting didn’t need this advice. Her stories started as soon as she got her one word suggestion, it was like there was no word she didn’t have a story for! Ting can be seen performing stand up in and around Brisbane.

'Cool Story Bro' plays Brisbane Powerhouse 10, 17 and 24 March.



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