Connor Burns – From Best Man To Belly Laughs

Connor Burns
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From 2017 stand-up beginnings to being named 'one to watch' in 2020, Scottish stand-up comedian Connor Burns is fast rising.

Connor enjoyed a sell-out run at the iconic Edinburgh Fringe in 2023, where he even went on to add more than 2,000 extra seats. Plus, he's performed as tour support for the likes of Daniel Sloss, Larry Dean, Tom Stade, and Eshaan Akbar.

In 'Vertigo' at comedy festivals around the country, Connor aims to pack 60 minutes with submarines, relationships, and family drama.

We catch up with Connor ahead of the show.

You stepped on to the stage for the first time in 2017. What inspired you to get into stand-up?
I always secretly wanted to give it a go, the catalyst was doing the Best Man speech at my brother’s wedding and actually getting laughs. . . That gave me the buzz needed to go seek out an open mic night.

How did it all begin for you?
Very varied success on the Scottish open mic scene, but I was very persistent and got some cool opportunities to open for bigger comics etc. Since then, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this craft.

What can people expect in your show ‘Vertigo’?
It’s very fast-paced and packed with laughs. . . It is a very personal show but I never want to burden my audience with anything whiny or self indulgent. It’s just an hour of good laughs.

This show was taken to New York for your US debut. What was that like?!
That was awesome fun, and very surreal. The fact that people actually want to hear the show and enjoy hearing about my very Scottish life will always baffle me.

If you had to name one person in the comedy/entertainment industry who inspires you most, who would it be and why?
Oh. . . One person is so tough. I mean, without Billy Connolly I wouldn’t be doing this probably. He also spoke so highly of Australia throughout his career and now I get to come here to perform and I completely agree.

What’s the biggest challenge of being a stand-up comedian?
I would say that there’s a lot of downtime and most of it you’re going to be alone. Learn to enjoy travelling solo. . . You’ll be doing a lot of it.

When people leave ‘Vertigo’, you want them to feel?
Sore. . . (from laughter, to clarify).

Connor Burns plays The Greek (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) until 21 April, Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Comedy Festival) 26 April, The Rechabite (Perth Comedy Festival) 4 May and Manning Bar (Sydney Comedy Festival) 8-12 May.

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