Comedian Guy Williams Lists 5 Reasons Adelaide Jokes Need To Die

Guy Williams
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NZ comedian Guy Williams has crossed the ditch and will hit up Adelaide for Fringe.

With his show 'This Glass House Makes It Easy To See All The Cowards I'm Throwing Stones At', the award-winning Guy relishes in the concept, as a comedian, of simply making fun of the things that annoy him.

In a show of support for Adelaide for the Fringe Festival, Guy tells us why he's not a fan of the city being a go-to joke for many folks.

“I don’t really like most jokes, admittedly this is a strange position as a comedian, and probably not a good thing to admit before a comedy tour but when you think about it; most jokes you hear on a daily basis are terrible.

No where is this more evident than in Australia, a country that produces some of the greatest comedians in the world but still leans on the most tired gags. Yes, I’m from New Zealand and yes I love shagging sheep. . . Who wouldn’t?

During my many journeys around this beautiful country I have learned that the locals have two main jokes: One – that they were descended from criminals. Two – Adelaide.

As an impartial observer both these jokes are horrific. One, you still are criminals! Two, I went to Adelaide it was. . . Fine! Don’t get me wrong I’m no comedy historian, but if the criticism of Adelaide is that it’s a hot and boring cultural wasteland with a dark history. . . That could cover every city in Australia! Picking a smaller and poorer place than the one you’re in for easy laughs is lazy and embarrassing and the kind of humour you’d expect out of people from NEW ZEALAND OR TASMANIA!

So without further ado, here’s my five reasons why Adelaide no longer deserves to be the butt of Australian jokes.”


Kangaroo Island. One of the most beautiful natural environments I’ve ever visited and I’m from the most beautiful country in the world.


The Adelaide Oval. The greatest cricket ground in the world (Alphabetically) is home to two AFL teams and the Don Bradman museum where you can hit a golf ball with a stump!


The Adelaide Fringe. The second largest fringe festival in the world!


All the serial killers were ages ago. . . Admittedly I’m running out of steam here, but statistically Adelaide has a lower murder rate than the rest of the country! That counts!


Leave them alone! Surely! Adelaide has had 100 years of bad jokes there’s so many other great targets. Those Queensland crackers are so dumb can’t, get their head around daylight savings! I say we move the jokes north in time for Brisbane 2032!

Guy Williams plays Drama Llama at Rhino Room 16-24 February, and Upstairs at Rhino Room (Adelaide Fringe) 22 February.

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