Come Play With Me At Fringe World – Luke Bolland Chooses YOU!

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'Come Play With Me' 'Come Play With Me'

Perth comedian Luke Bolland returns to Fringe World for the eighth consecutive year with 'Come Play With Me’.

Sure, Fringe World is all about witnessing live performances. . . Well, in 'Come Play With Me', Luke is giving audience member volunteers the chance to steal the spotlight and act out an original script. This is your chance to star in a show at Fringe!

“'Come Play With Me' is the comedy show that Fringe World is really about,” Luke says. “It's a unique, fun experience you won't get anywhere else! I truly believe this show is the most Fringe-y Show at Fringe World.”

The involvement of audience members means no two shows are ever the same – giving Luke the opportunity to present 'comedy without a safety net' each time the lights go down.

“Involving audience members leads to spontaneous, unpredictable fun! You never know what is going to happen and so you are more in the moment, it's a unique experience every show that only the people who are in that room get to live and take with them.”

Luke wants to make it clear, however, that this isn't the type of comedy show to put audience members on the spot if they aren't keen to be part of it.

His main goal is to present something that will entertain every kind of attendee – whether you want to sit up the back, out of sight and have a laugh, or you want to be centre stage and take in the heat of the spotlight.

“I want people to unclench!” Luke exclaims. “People think at a show like this EVERYONE has to get involved, which isn't true. If you want to come and just watch and enjoy that's awesome, if you want to get up on stage and join me that's awesome too! I just want people to be able to relax and have an unforgettable fun time!”

Luke Bolland's 'Come Play With Me' is on at The Laugh Resort 14-21 January.



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