Chris D'Elia Brisbane Review @ The Tivoli Theatre

Chris D'Elia
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Making up for lost time, Chris D’Elia brought his humour to the city of Brisbane and boy did he leave his mark.

Finalising the Australian leg of his live tour, the well-known international comedian performed to a sold out crowd at Brisbane’s Tivoli on Saturday night.

It’s been a long wait for this charismatic jokester to finally land down under. His performances were scheduled for earlier this year, however were cancelled due to other media commitments.

Despite Chris quipping about the long flight between Australia and the United States, it didn’t stop him from debuting later, but as planned, to even more pandemonium and an ever-adoring audience.

Chris is famous for his stand-up comedy throughout America and Canada, his Netflix specials and some of his roles on NBC Comedy, including a series called ‘Undateable’ that most journo’s testament to his success. With a track record of making many laugh, there was no doubt his new event dates would sell-out in a flash, in anticipation of his overdue arrival.

Warming up the crowd before Chris’ grand entrance was the uncouth native, Amos Gill.

Known for his television and radio work, larrikin Amos spent his act describing his experiences in a very ‘full-on’ kind of way. His no-holds-barred type of comedy really set the tone for what was to be expected for the rest of the evening.

Making light of his career, relationships, social prejudices and dilemmas when batting above his average, it was a shame he only lasted about 15 minutes (pun definitely intended).

Despite his quick stint, Amos had had the house roaring and ready for Chris D'Elia, who waltzed on stage and got straight down to business.

With his American swagger and trademark eyebrow raise, Chris wooed the crowd in more ways than one.

He was quick to jump right in – comparing Australian quirks to Americans, laughing about his own life hindrances (like not being a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’) and revealing the funniest comment he believes he’s ever said.

The best part of Chris is not only is ‘undateable’ charm, but his ability to reenact stories, making you feel like you are actually there with him.

His witty impersonations and quirky tendencies make it hard not to laugh, as he describes how he talks to himself and gives personalities to inanimate objects. His parodies brought out a lot of physical comedy and added great dynamics to his story-telling.

At times, Chris went off on tangents, which gave many faces a well needed pit-stop from laughing. But the crowd was quickly sent into another spin, as his own reminiscing proved too hysterical for even him to handle and he giggled away at his own jokes.

Most of Chris' humour centres around his own personal life, interests and career endeavours. He makes light of awkward situations and achieves his own aspirations of just wanting to make others laugh.

Chris D’Elia was definitely a delight.

For his first stand-up act in Australia, he brought a lot, easily making him a crowd favourite and an act not to miss in the future.

If he can endure the plane flight again, it’s recommended you grab a ticket to any of his future gigs.

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