Cal Wilson's 5 Things To Do As An Audience Member At A Comedy Festival

Cal Wilson
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Comedian Cal Wilson is taking to the stage as part of Sunshine Coast Comedy Festival, and she's gone to a lot of trouble.

The show is a brand-new hour of laughs from one of Australia's most beloved New Zealand imports. Outside of her many stand-up gigs, you may have seen Cal on shows such as 'Spicks And Specks', and 'Have You Been Paying Attention?'.

This colourful comic is currently expertly juggling a hugely successful career in stand-up, her role as a prolific podcaster and children's author, and let's not forget facilitating her cats' newfound TikTok stardom.

In the midst of it all, Cal is hitting the road, sure to dazzle Sunshine Coast audiences and make them laugh. Before she does that, though, she's got a few tips if you're planning on heading along to her show 'I've Gone To A Lot Of Trouble'. . . Or any show at Sunshine Coast Comedy Festival, really.

Enter to see Cal's Sunshine Coast Comedy Festival show here.


Do bring a date. If you’ve just started seeing someone, a comedy show is the perfect place to take them. You’ll learn what their sense of humour is, and if their laugh sounds like an angry goat (hey, angry goat might be your favourite sound, I’m not judging).


Don’t arrive late. Unless you have a brilliant story about why. I won’t accept “traffic,” but I will accept “traffic, because a truck carrying 2,000 frozen pizzas overturned on the bridge”. I will also accept some of those frozen pizzas.


Do see someone you love, and take a chance on someone you’ve never heard of. You might see the next Wil Anderson or Judith Lucy when they’re just starting out, or you’ll spend an hour watching a guy dressed as a potato do some confusing mime – either way you’ve got a great story.


Don’t sit down the front. Unless you want to have just as great a time as anyone sitting further back. Comedy isn’t about a comedian picking on the people they can reach, we want everyone to have a good time. Plus, with cordless mics – no one is safe.


Do come and see my show. I promise I won’t dress as a potato.

Cal Wilson plays Sunshine Coast Comedy Festival at Venue 114 on 11 November, The J on 12 November and Majestic Theatre on 12 November.

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