Brisburned@Work Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2019

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'Brisburned@Work' 'Brisburned@Work'

Following the popular ‘Brisburned: Sketch Comedy About Brisbane’, Mark Lombard and co. perform their latest show ‘Brisburned@Work’. 

The stresses of modern life and in particular the absurdity of workplace cultures is ripe for some comedy skewering, so it is no surprise to report that the team again raise a few laughs.
There is Joy Qin, Mark Lombard, James Tinniswood and Liz Tuckett who all cut their teeth in the UQ Law Revue except for Liz who did it at QUT. Mark and Joy often are cast in the straight roles but bring layers and do exasperation well. Liz shines throughout but in one sketch plays pretty and oblivious, bringing to bear the kind of wit and insight that can only come from the kind of whip-smart writer that she is.

Also there is Michael Griffin the improv and stand-up comedian who is happy to play bedraggled outsiders and interact the most with the crowd. As talented, smart and funny as they all are, there might be a favourite among them and that is the keyboard-stroking and high-note-aspiring singer that is James Tinniswood.

Whether he’s creeping you out as a Geebung resident you find heading home on the bus, or closing the show with his ballad about doing what you love, James would undoubtedly pass his Professional Development Plan goals. It feels wrong to heap more praise on one individual, when part of what makes this show shine is what everyone brings to it and their easy rapport on stage.

The sketches are well-prepared but the comedians also respond to the energy in the room with a deft touch to get the best results. While there is some great comedy about white collar jobs in particular, and repeated references to the Queensland Reds, there is still plenty of laughs focused around Brisbane just in general, which is appropriate given the title.

It lacks the death-defying tension of improvised comedy but the jokes score more hits helped by some great comedic writing and flawless comedic performances. The crew behind Brisburned have once again delivered a first-rate sketch show about the city we live in and love.

‘Brisburned@Work’ plays Brisbane Powerhouse until 23 March.



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