Best Of The Edinburgh Fest – Luke Benson's 5 Reasons To Visit Adelaide

L-R: Ryan Cullen, Luke Benson, Mark Simmons
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The iconic 'Best Of The Edinburgh Fest' will return to Adelaide Fringe in 2024 stronger than ever, to showcase some of the finest international talents.

This year it features three hilarious acts – Luke Benson (UK), Mark Simmons (UK) and Ryan Cullen (IRE).

Luke is a Georgie Giant who has performed all over the world, earning rave reviews and selling out shows. Mark is a one-liner comedian and has performed at more than 120 venues across the UK and Ireland, selling 15,000 tickets. Ryan is a rising star with razor-sharp wit and near-the-knuckle material, who has supported the likes of Steve-O, Theo Von, Daniel Sloss and more.

Here, Luke Benson gets into the Fringe spirit, listing five reasons to visit Adelaide.


Haigh's. There’s stuff you put in your mouth, then there’s Haigh's. Do the tour. It’s Mecca for diabetics (Diabetics probably visit Mecca (not the shop)). It’s Wonka’s chocolate factory without the slave labour and maimed children. Less 'Hunger Games', more Sweet-tooth sports.


Hahndorf. The big olde German settlement is a great tourist spot. I’ve been working on a Schnitthaus musical act called Lutheran Vandross. Some people say it’s a lot, I reckon it’s never too much, you could say it’s so amazing. There is so much to do and see; I play mini-golf and pretend that I’m a proper old school Giant. I have been banned several times (unrelate sidenote, I have really gotten into DISGUISE).


Adelaide Fringe. My favourite Australian festival. Well done! Like Midsommar, without the creepiness and ritualistic murder. Horror movies trained me to scan for something sinister and culty* when things are too nice, but it is. Lovely people having a nice time, celebrating the arts and life. I’m grateful and excited to be performing in 'Best Of The Edinburgh Fest' at the Garden Of Unearthly Delights (very strong line-up). There are many magnificent shows. Outside of stand-up I enjoy circus and cabaret. It’s fun to watch people do amazing things, real visual spectacle that’s so outside of my realm and go “they can have that. . . I want no part of a popcorn machine on me”. Sidenote: I don’t do stocks, but if I did, I’d invest hard in glitter before Fringe.
*It’s improv.


WOMAD. Want to know where all the Whitefolk with dreads are? They gather here. Amazing music and 90 per cent of things are made from hemp, sign me up! A four-day musical spectacular where you can celebrate (hunt) people who unironically play bongos and hacky sack in public, just vibing. It’s a bit more relaxed than Clipsal. Yussef Dayes is on this year, he and Tom Misch got me through COVID. Insanely talented human with an amazing ensemble.


Vili's Pies. There’s a big problem in Adelaide, no point ignoring it. You see people screaming at walls, jittering, angry, pastry complexions. We all know what it is: Hunger. They’re hangry. They need baked goods. You see them everywhere Meat-fiens, Cakeheads, Pie’néers: they go by many names. Vili Milisits and Vili’s Bakery is the saviour; a man from Hungary, fighting the Hangry. Let’s get King Charles over and get him an OBE(se) for his services to deliciousness.

'Best Of The Edinburgh Fest' plays The Box at The Garden of Unearthly Delights (Adelaide Fringe) 16 February-17 March.

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