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Following their critically acclaimed 2020 Netflix series, absurdist sketch group Aunty Donna will bring their first live theatre show in three years around Australia, 'The Magical Dead Cat'.

The year 2020 saw the comedy trio teaming up with Netflix for ‘Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House Of Fun’, which was executive produced by ‘The Office’’s Ed Helms and ‘Between Two Ferns’ Scott Aukerman. Fans around the world, including Neil Patrick Harris and RuPaul, praised the series.

“When the Magical Dead Cat demanded we participate in this incredible tour of Australia, a tour showcasing brand new hilarious comedy and some fan favourite bits from our recent world-shaking Netflix series, we were initially hesitant. It seemed we would provide the bulk of the entertainment whilst the Magical Dead Cat would merely bring some coughed up fur balls!” the Aunty Donna boys say.

“We raised our concerns with the Magical Dead Cat and it offered to sweeten the deal by ending each show with a special surprise web slinging guest whose name rhymes with Glider Man. Desperate to meet this special surprise guest, we immediately said yes.”

Check out a time when the we had a chat with the boys and, let’s just say, things got a little crazy.

In 2018, when Aunty Donna toured with their show ‘Glennridge Secondary College’, one third of the group, Broden Kelly, spoke to us about the freedom – and sometimes anxiety – of being their own bosses.

“It’s become our job, our job is to come and write sketch comedy all day and we don’t have any real people above us telling us what to do – we’re not at the ABC and we’re not at Channel 7 so we don’t have network executives telling us that a joke’s not good,” Broden said. “So it’s pretty much us coming to work, writing things that we find funny and then finding out if they are when we post them online or if we do them live.”

Since bursting on to the scene in 2012, Aunty Donna’s brand of surreal, fast-paced, alternative sketch comedy has toured around the globe, won awards and amassed a fanbase including more than 450,000 subscribers and 84 million YouTube views.

Aunty Donna is Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly and Zachary Ruane.

Tickets go on sale 17 June.

Aunty Donna 2021 Australia Tour Dates

6-7 October – Fortitude Music Hall (Brisbane)
9-10 October – The Playhouse (Canberra)
13 October – Astor Theatre (Perth)
21 October – Thebarton Theatre (Adelaide)
27-28 October – Enmore Theatre (Sydney)
2-6 November – Arts Centre Melbourne
12 November – Theatre Royal (Hobart)



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