Ashwin Segkar: 5 Primal Emotions You'll Feel At Rasa As Part Of Wonderland Festival

  • Written by  Ashwin Segkar
  • Friday, 15 November 2019 14:37
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Ashwin Segkar Ashwin Segkar

The Ancient Greeks felt the most important part of drama was the story – and saucy plot lines have followed us ever since from 'Hercules' to 'The Bachelor'.

For their long-distance relatives in India, the most important element in a drama was the mood it generated in the audience, known as 'Rasa'.

'Rasa', by comedian Ashwin Segkar, explores these emotions through stand-up comedy, theatre, lighting, and more.

Here, Ashwin looks at five of the moods Indian artists felt were at the heart of life.

MOOD: Love. Colour: Green

This rasa relates to the love between friends, family, partners and worshippers and their gods. As communities and families break down and hook-up culture takes off, it could be that we’re moving towards a society with less love. Or we prefer to express love with six to seven people at a time.

MOOD: Mirth. Colour: White

Mirth often comes from the blending of two disparate ideas. In science, the most cited example is 'Bananas In Pyjamas'. It’s also one of the first qualities you lose when stuck in a job you hate, or an overbearing relationship.

MOOD: Fury. Colour: Red

Anger is the most consequential emotion, as a few seconds of it can result in life-altering mistakes: Words, actions, crimes. No one ever hijacked a plane after being consumed by mirth.

MOOD: Sadness. Colour: Grey

It’s said that sadness is the price of love, as we only grieve when we first care about something. So rather than escape sadness, can we find a way to do it right?

MOOD: Wonder. Colour: Yellow

Philosophy can start with doubt and end up cynical, narrow and bogged down in obscure mathematical logic. Or it can start with wonder, and end up playful, expansive and occasionally in a crystal healing session. But regardless of where you take wonder, it reminds you of your insignificant spot in the cosmos.

'Rasa' plays Brisbane Powerhouse 28 November-1 December.



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