Amy Hetherington Is Ducking Terrified At Adelaide Fringe

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Darwin comedian Amy Hetherington has plans of having kids, but it seems no one around her knows what they're doing.

Amy's show 'Don't Feed The Ducks' is the on-stage manifestation of this. High energy oversharing, growing up in the '90s, the reasons dogs are better than people. . . It's all covered.

Amy reflects on her realisation that it seems every parent she meets is just making it all up as they go along.

Here, Amy chats with us about her show.

Okay. . . Why did you call the show 'Don't Feed The Ducks'?
Surprisingly the show isn’t about ducks. . . Well there is a traumatic duck moment but that’s all I can say for now. Can’t give everything away my friends – it’s a bit of a surprise for people that can get to the show. But also, the name really worked with the press shots we did. I was so lucky I got to work with Joshua Griffen for the images – if you haven’t seen him on Insta or Tik Tok yet you really gotta see his work – he’s insanely talented.

What are you looking forward to about presenting this material to Fringe audiences?
Live audiences! Oh my friends, we live in a wild context now where shows are a privilege and comedians will not take any of that for granted. Fingers crossed all borders and challenges are kind and I get to have human beings in a room to entertain. I can’t wait for that. I’m also really excited to share this show at Adelaide Fringe in particular. I’ve been part of that festival for the past six years and the people that rock up to shows down there are always so up for a good time and are such beautiful people. Being from Darwin it’s really nice to have fresh faces and not all my relatives so I’m super keen to share this show with everyone at Fringe.

What's been the best part about putting the material together?
This show is about how my husband and I are trying for a kid and the realisation/fear/madness that comes from realising I have no idea how to be a parent. I’ve enjoyed writing this show because I’ve found a lot of these themes are relatable to people. Whether they’re already parents or about to become parents, there are fears and hilarity in trying to raise good people. I also love a good overshare so I do enjoy writing these jokes and then seeing my husband react to them. . . Poor fella should have known better than to marry a comedian.

If you're a fan of _______, you'll LOVE Amy Hetherington.
Cal Wilson, Celia Pacquola or weird stories from the Northern Territory.

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What's the most overrated thing about adulthood and why?
Doing the laundry. Mate. As a kid you put the clothes in a magic basket, and they arrive back in the draws clean and folded. In Darwin it is a SWEATY place. I feel like I’m doing the laundry every day. Things get mouldy and stinky and take forever to dry. You can’t get away with wearing something more than once. And then you have to hang the washing out in 35-degree, 80 per cent humidity and sweat through a whole new set of clothes! And then it rains on your washing anyway. . . And sometimes bats poo on it. . . I’m really selling it here aren’t I?

What's the best advice you've been given about parenting?
I ask this question every time I do this show and there’s always someone who yells ‘don’t do it'. It’s great when the audience is funnier than the comedian. But I’ve also heard some good advice, like you’ve got to be patient and let go of things you can’t control. Which makes sense when all of a sudden, your world is run by a living, breathing, tiny monster.

How about the worst?
I asked the question for advice on parenting during a show at Darwin Festival and someone yelled out that there are heaps of crocodiles in Adelaide River if I ever need to get rid of them. . . Probably not the best advice but it’s definitely been noted.

What's YOUR #1 piece of advice to pass on to others about it?
I have no idea! As a future mum I can’t begin to imagine what useful advice I’ll have. Until it happens to me I guess it’s just wait and see. For now I’m just enjoying trying to make a kid – that’s the best part really!

How would you describe 'Don't Feed The Ducks' using one song lyric?
This is an amazing question! And all I can think of is's 'I Got It From My Mama'. “Tell me where'd you get your body from. I got it from my mama.”

Amy Hetherington plays Hell's Kitchen at Rhino Room (Adelaide Fringe) 19 February-6 March.



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