Alex Williamson Aggressively Tells Jokes In Oi Mate!

Alex Williamson Alex Williamson

He's aggressive, loud and loose – Alex Williamson, The Loosest Aussie Bloke, is ready to reveal truths usually reserved for therapy sessions in his new show 'Oi Mate!'.

The internet famous comedian presents a crushing hour of pure, uncut comedy platinum set to make audiences laugh, think, and possibly even cry.

Here, Alex chats a little bit about 'Oi Mate!' before it hits the road.

How does one maintain their title as the Loosest Aussie Bloke?
Not very easily. People sometimes forget it's a character, and I'll be challenged in a bar by some drunk who says "you're not even loose, watch me eat a pint glass" and I have to intervene saying "please no, it's a character".

Why do you think your style of comedy resonates with so many?
Perhaps it's a poor reflection of Australia that my comedy does resonate with the general disgusting public. I guess I speak in a manner that gives me a certain relatability and familiarity to most, like a feral for example.

What kinds of things will you be addressing in 'Oi Mate!'?
My show will be quite an honest representation of who I am as a person. Quite often I hide behind masks with my character online, but the masks are off in this one and you'll get a good glimpse of the true horror of my personality.

Was there a genius plan behind the name of the show?
I guess the title can be perceived in two ways, either an aggressive "OI MATE", or an excited to see you "OI MATE". I'd like to think it's more the latter but I'm still aggressive throughout the show.

Is there anything you're keen to cover in a future show which you've not touched on in any of your material thus far?
Probably going to move on from Rolf Harris jokes this year, given that dirty old man a fair old dressing down (not literally) in previous shows. Maybe it's Jared from Subway's turn.

If you had to describe your show with a song title, which would you use?
'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' by Sir Elton John. As my fans are obsessive weirdos, but also fabulous. Also lots of them look like Pumbaa.

Alex Williamson Tour Dates

21 February-13 March – Arkaba Hotel (Adelaide Fringe)
14-15 March – The Tivoli (Brisbane Comedy Festival)
7-18 April – Athenaeum Theatre (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
2 May – Astor Theatre (Perth Comedy Festival)
8-9 May – Factory Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival)



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