Alex Ward Is Sorry For Being Sorry In Her New Show

Alex Ward Alex Ward

Queensland-born comedian Alex Ward brings her new show 'Sorry For Before' to audiences around the country this festival season.

Born two weeks late, Alex is sure her first thoughts were, 'sorry I'm late, I won't be long'. Now, all grown up and one of our fastest-rising comedy stars, Alex is sorry about all the time she's spent apologising.

“The show explores my attempt to stop saying sorry so much,” Alex shares.

“Whether I achieve my goal or not is yet to be realised, we'll find out. Sorry for the mystery. I talk about being gay, my granddad and my joke-stealing vet. I'm sure there is something for everyone between those three.”

The funniest she's ever been and now living in Melbourne, Alex brings warmth to the stage that only a Queenslander could, along with personal and engaging, punch-line heavy comedy.

A little weird, though always wonderful, Alex has never shied away from dealing with the gritty, grimy and often gory minutiae of modern life.

“You know when you see someone do something weird on the train and you go home and tell your housemate/partner about it and you're just yelling, 'WHY? HIS TOENAILS? WHY? WHAT'S THEIR ANGLE?'" Alex asks.

“Well, my show is kind of like that except I'm the one yelling this time. I love tackling the weird and annoying social aspects of life with jokes that are both fun, funny and unexpected.”

Alex Ward Tour Dates

14-22 February – Adelaide Fringe Festival
17-22 March – Brisbane Comedy Festival
26 March-19 April – Melbourne International Comedy Festival
30 April-3 May – Sydney Comedy Festival


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