Alex Ward Is Ready To Perform Again. . . In The Flesh!

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Alex Ward Alex Ward

Alex Ward brings a warmth only a Queenslander such as herself could bring to the stage – but she lives in Melbourne now, so it's surprising that warmth is still there.

During the pandemic, Alex got busy. She wrote and co-starred alongside her dogs in an ABC sketch ('At Home Alone Together'), appeared in Melbourne International Comedy Festival's 'The Stand-Up Sessions', oh, and baked two pretty delicious cheesecakes. Those are some solid achievements.

Alex brings her show 'As You Live And Breathe' to MICF.

“My show is mostly about confidence. I seem to have the right amount of confidence to find and put myself in strange situations, but not quite enough to get myself out of those strange situations,” Alex describes. “Without giving too much away from the show I now live a double life because I don't have the guts to tell my neighbour the truth after they made a wrong assumption about me. Guess you'll have to buy a ticket to find out!”

You could say it's been quite a few drinks – or cheesecakes – between shows with a big audience for not only Alex but performers everywhere, thanks to that pesky COVID. For a minute there, it seemed like Zoom was really going to ruin live comedy for everyone.

“The thing I'm most looking forward to is just seeing that many people in one room. After lockdown, it's crazy to me when it's more than just me, my partner and our dogs,” Alex laughs.

“I'm just hoping audiences have a nice night out,” she says. “Yes, I want them to laugh and enjoy the show but I also want them to have a nice dinner at Chin Chin (not sponsored. . . Yet?!) and some espresso martinis and a swim in the Yarra. . . Just kidding don't do that, no matter how easily affected you are by espresso martinis.”

Alex Ward plays Comedy Republic Lower House (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 6-18 April.



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