Akmal Did Some Weird Things In Lockdown

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It's another hour of unfiltered stand-up comedy from Akmal.

Akmal has been pretty productive during lockdown, and now he's ready to get back on stage and do what he does best – make people laugh.

After numerous appearances on our TVs and radio stations, Akmal concludes he's most at home in front of a live audience.

Before he steps out to split the sides of Adelaide Fringe crowds, he has a quick chat with us about all things Fringe, lockdown, and his show.

Where does your passion for comedy come from?
My passion for comedy comes from the fact that I have no other skills.

And what will you be bringing audiences in this show?
I will be bringing a basket of fun and laughter. I will also be bringing Carl Barron’s act. It pays so much better.

What do you love most about performing at Adelaide Fringe?
The thing I love most about Adelaide Fringe is that it’s not in Rockhampton. I also love the fact it’s on and not cancelled.

Why do you think it's such a renowned and celebrated event?
Adelaide Fringe is the least infectious Fringe Festival in the world.

For an Akmal newbie, how would you describe your comedy in one sentence?
My comedy is not for Akmal newbies as the entire show is callbacks from several years ago.

If you could have dinner with any three comedians, alive or dead, who would you choose and why?
Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and Anh Do.

What was the most productive thing you did during lockdown?
During lockdown I made a lot of holes in things with a drill.

And what was the weirdest thing you did during lockdown?
The weirdest thing I did during lockdown is something I will never disclose and is none of your business.

When people leave your show, you'd like them to feel. . .

Akmal plays The Flamingo at Gluttony – Rymill Park from 19 February-21 March.



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