Aidan Jones – Taco Perth Review @ Fringe World 2020

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  • Friday, 14 February 2020 15:48
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Fluent in a few languages including accidentally-middle-class-private-school-kid, the comedian (formerly known as?) Taco is as smooth as shea butter glistening on a neckless Colombian in the equatorial sun.

Or was that not butter. . . ?

Awash with cultural tarnish, having waded through Australia’s racist dissonance and the Greek community’s malaligned inclusivity, Aidan Jones arrives at this point surprisingly calm. He’s grown – at least philosophically.

In fact he’s taller than his Colombian family, which he was stoked about.

Here’s a kid who grew up without a part of himself, not having met his biological, South American father, Fernando, until last year. A quick-witted audience member, of a certain vintage, quipped “can you hear the drums?” a nod to the ABBA song, which wasn’t lost on Aidan.

Not like he hasn’t had enough races trying to claim him without palming him off to the Swedes. Though to be fair, he is quite the feminist.

A bloke who can use a phrase like “amalgamation of my actions” and who points out that scholarships aren’t given out for modesty, deserves a very decent suck of the sav.

Aidan Jones is a smooth cat, with sleek, mindful moves like an ocelot navigating some deep topical terrain while still landing on his feet – a non-invasive, comfortable yet effective therapy session for all involved. Yeah, let’s talk about our feelings. Why not?

If you’re into millennials with microphones, he’s got a weekly podcast you can check out too. Try to contain your surprise – anyway, it’s probably alright.

Five out of five because he even wore the outfit from the poster. Marketing, branding AND content on point.


'Taco' plays Adelaide Fringe 3-14 March, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 26 March-19 April and Sydney Comedy Festival 16-17 May.



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