Aboriginal Comedy Allstars – Joint Open Letter From Steph Tisdell And Andy Saunders

'Aboriginal Comedy Allstars' 'Aboriginal Comedy Allstars'

’Aboriginal Comedy Allstars' is joining this year’s Brisbane Comedy Festival line-up at the beginning of August.

After sell-out seasons and five-star reviews in the UK, Adelaide, Melbourne and beyond, the Allstars bring huge belly laughs from the heart of the wide brown land.

'Aboriginal Comedy Allstars' stars premier comedians Sean Choolburra, Kevin Kropinyeri, Andy Saunders and Steph Tisdell.

Steph and Andy have penned an open letter to share a little more information about the show, and what to expect.

Steph Tisdell

“You'll never forget 'Aboriginal Comedy Allstars'. That's a big claim but warranted. This is a showcase with a difference; we're not just sharing a line-up, we share a passion, vision and dream to amplify First Nation's voices. But more than that, we're family.

My name is Steph Tisdell and I'm the baby of the group – Sean, Kevin and Andy are my mentors, uncles, guides. This show is built on love and all of the material expertly curated by our incredible director, Wes Snelling.

You'll laugh (obviously), you'll dance, sing and learn as well. We've toured this show nationally and internationally and every time, without fail, we have audience members who attend more than once just so they can enjoy the energy more than once.”

Andy Saunders

“'Aboriginal Comedy Allstars' is a group of very funny people who happen to be Aboriginal and proud of it.

Our comedy consists of content that can be relatable to anyone with the ability to hear. We have a myriad of people who come to our show, beaut audiences from all backgrounds who relate on all levels but more importantly find the content hilarious.

The Allstars have been known to raise the roof of any space and have you laughing all the way from start to finish and the ride home in the car.

The take away is that you also may learn something. Don’t miss the 'Aboriginal Comedy Allstars’.”

’Aboriginal Comedy Allstars' plays Brisbane Powerhouse 1 August.



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