A Day In The Life Of A Lesbian Bank Robber – 5 Things To Bring To The Tuck Shop Ladies Show

Tuck Shop Ladies
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Award-winning folk comedy duo the Tuck Shop Ladies are following up a stellar Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) debut with a brand-new selection of songs.

Tuck Shop Ladies is the brainchild of musicians Rosie Burgess and Sam Lohs. They formed in 2019, taking the folk scene by storm through their music, their joy, and their connection. Last year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival saw them sell out their debut season, proving that their 2022 People's Choice Award Australian Folk Music nomination was well deserved.

The musical comedy duo's 2024 MICF show, 'A Day In The Life Of A Lesbian Bank Robber', features music about the absurdity of life, love, and the ukulele. It'll be an exposé of long-term love, with moments big and small from their 15-year partnership.

Here, the partners in music, comedy, parenting and pet ownership list five things you should probably bring to one of their shows. Take notes, and get your lunch order in!


Tissues. You might laugh and snort out a bit of snot, or cry laugh, or maybe just straight up cry, but the chance is high there’ll be tears and snot. And if it’s not yours, you’ll definitely want to have one on hand to give to your neighbour.


A friend. The best thing about having fun is sharing it with someone you love. Aw.


Snacks. Despite being called the Tuck Shop Ladies there actually won’t be anything for you to eat at the show, so if you’re in danger of getting hangry, or even just a little peckish, pack a few sesame snaps in your pocket.


A picture of your dog. We love talking dogs. Be prepped with a favourite pic of your pooch to share with us after the show.


An old t-shirt. Because then you’ll feel great about swapping it out for one of our super fun Zombie Tuck Shop Ladies t-shirts. (ps. they actually cost money, unless your t-shirt is amazing and then we might consider a swap).

'A Day In The Life Of A Lesbian Bank Robber' plays The Butterfly Club (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 5-14 April.

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