5 Very Important Topics Nazeem Hussain Covers In His New Material

Nazeem Hussain Nazeem Hussain

This piece was published before the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain is back to doing what he does best in his sixth solo stand-up show 'Hussain That?'.

Nazeem returns after a massive sell-out season across Australia last year and has been back on the road since February, having already opened at Adelaide Fringe.

'Hussain That?' follows what's been a busy past few years for Nazeem, in which time he's been seen on 'Orange Is The New Brown', starring in his own Netflix special and making BFFs with Lindsay Lohan on 'The Masked Singer'. He also got busted trying to dodge the fare on public transport.

Ahead of performing the show, Nazeem drops in with five very important topics that will be covered in 'Hussain That?' this year.


Backpackers, and why we should return them. If you are a backpacker, you might not want to come to my show. Having said that, you are probably a tight-ass, and wouldn’t part with your cash anyway. 


Meghan Markle and Harry. . . Buckingham? I don’t know his surname. The ginger one in his 30s that just announced he’s moving out of his grandma’s house and getting a job. I’ll be talking about them, and why Meghan should avoid tunnels. 


That time I met the Queen. And by Queen, I don’t mean Beyonce. I mean the real Queen. The one that definitely didn’t kill Jeffrey Epstein. You’ll hear how I accidentally called her Your Honour because I have spent way too much time contesting parking infringements.


Children’s stories and why they’re not suitable for kids. For example, 'Peter Pan' is a story about a man who never grew up. And that’s his excuse for hanging out with children all day. That didn’t work for Michael Jackson.


Climate Change deniers. They’re a dying breed. Old men are so threatened by having to accept Climate Change as a reality, they are attacking a 16-year-old Swedish girl for saying they ruined the planet. I haven’t seen old white men angry at a 16-year-old since Corey the party boy.

Plus, how to travel for free on public transport. Hint: be brown. We’re all related to the ticket inspectors.

Nazeem Hussain was due to play comedy festivals which have since been cancelled due to COVID-19.



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