5 Times Russell Brand Totally Got Australia Better Than We Did

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Russell Brand is returning to Australia this October with his new show, 'Trew World Order', which is a spin-off of his web-series 'The Trews'.

Well known for his political rants, Russell has promised to bring the big debates to Australia and ask the big questions. But before he arrives on Australian soil, let's prepare ourselves for what he may bring. We look at five moments Russell has understood Australia better than we understand ourselves.

1. Should Tony Abbott Feel Guilty About Child Abuse?

'The Trews' episode 258 explores Russell's reaction to the news Tony Abbott feels no guilt for children detained in immigration centres, despite the abuse that was revealed. Russell is outraged by Tony's lack of compassion. When Abbot states the only way to ensure we don't have any children in immigration detention centres is to stop the boats, Russell has a bit of advice: “there are other ways as well Tony. That is, to pull back your perspective, recognise that this is one planet and instead of having a blind allegiance to corporations and creating tax loopholes for them, have instead, an allegiance to children that are imprisoned.”

2. Don't Let The Sydney Siege Claim Your Freedom

In episode 212, Russell analyses the media and government's reaction to last year's Sydney Siege. Russell believed the lone gunman’s actions were the actions of a mentally ill person with a history of violence and mental illness, not a terrorist. “Terrorism is typically conducted in order to meet an objective. This guy, when he was asked what he wanted, he asked for a flag and a chat on the phone with Tony Abbott. No specific agenda. No specific objectives.”

3. Johnny Depp's Migrant Dogs – Bugger Off!

While discussing Johnny Depp's dogs in Australia in episode 324, Russell explains this is just the tip of the iceberg for Australia's immigration policy and the controversial 'Stop The Boats' campaign. “Australia seems to be going through some exertion of its national identity-type stage, isn't it?”
Russell wraps up the show: “so really, Johnny Depp's dogs and Indonesian migrants, neither of you are welcome. One of those stories is highly relevant and indicative of oncoming Armageddon and the other one is just a frivolous bit of fun.”

4. Are Refugees Australia's Collective Responsibility?

Russell once again explores Australia's immigration policy and reacts to Rupert Murdoch's tax avoidance in episode 250. Russell points out that Australia is the country best equipped to take on refugees but refuses to do so. Throughout his video, Russell refers to detention centres as concentration camps and brings to light, once again, the lack of compassion and transparency by the Australian government. He reminds his audience how white people first came to Australia: “by boats!”

5. “I might try and gay marry him when I get there.”

Russell told news.com.au: "There’ll be loads of stuff about your crazy Prime Minister, what’s his name? Tony Abbott. I might try and gay marry him when I get there. And we’ll be talking about the immigration situation.”

Russell Brand Tour Dates

Sat 17 Oct - Rod Laver Arena (Melbourne)
Sun 18 Oct - Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Tue 20 Oct - Perth Arena
Thu 22 Oct - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Fri 23 Oct - Sydney Opera House
Sat 24 Oct - Qantas Credit Union Arena (Sydney)



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