5 Things The Travelling Sisters Miss Most About Live Performance – Meet The Mullets

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The Travelling Sisters The Travelling Sisters Image © Alexis Desaulniers-Lea

What are die-hard actors to do when their worlds are turned upside down?!

Brisbane comedy trio The Travelling Sisters (Lucy Fox, Laura Trenerry and Ell Sachs) have created 'Meet The Mullets' – a mockumentary web series from the perspective of a theatre troupe and their mums, forced to stop working thanks to a global pandemic. Sound familiar?

The mockumentary takes the characters from their live show 'Thy Thus 'Twas' – which was originally due to be performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – and puts them in front of the camera.

It's safe to say silliness ensues between Darryl, Berrick and Vinnie. It's a hilarious snapshot of three artists just dealing with the idea of isolation, trying to continue their craft.

To acknowledge the release of 'Meet The Mullets' and its universally relatable premise, The Travelling Sisters have listed five things they miss the most about live performance.

Travos Nicola Bailey
Image © Nicola Bailey


We miss gigs where you turn up and have absolutely no idea what to expect, and then next minute you're performing in your undies in the freezing cold backyard of a stranger's 36th surprise birthday party.


We miss getting changed in and out of costume in the toilets also used by punters. Going to the dunny then facing an audience member who liked the show is a vulnerable experience, one which we are totally down for!


We miss being heckled by tiny children when dressed as tiny children.


We miss the feeling right before the opening night of a show where you’re not quite sure where you will explode from. Then you do the show and not only did it go well, you didn’t sh.t/wee/poo/explode yourself!


We miss everything. . . Most of all we miss the audience. There's nothing quite like a live show where you get the audience on a roll of laughter, and you’re all high off them and they’re all high off you. It’s magic. Magic that we’re addicted to! Give us our drug back please!

'Meet The Mullets' is available to watch now on YouTube.



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