5 Things Becky Lucas Is Looking Forward To About Getting Back Into Stand-Up Comedy

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Becky Lucas will perform as part of 'Comedy Rock Show' in Sydney. Becky Lucas will perform as part of 'Comedy Rock Show' in Sydney.

Alright Sydney, it's time to rock and ROFL.

You're invited to a one-night-only stand-up event – 'Comedy Rock Show'. Expect to loosen up, because the line-up features some killer Australian stand-up talent, including Becky Lucas, John Cruckshank, Gen Fricker, Sam Taunton, Dan Rath, and Heath Franklin's Chopper.

Not only that, but Sydney-based trio Baby Beef, known as 'ABBA for millennials', will present music intermissions throughout the night to keep the momentum going.

It's safe to say audiences around the country are keen to be getting back into cinemas, theatres and festivals, and the same can be said for those providing the entertainment. Here, 'Comedy Rock Show' comedian Becky Lucas lists five things she's looking forward to about performing again, before she takes to the stage at Factory Theatre.


I look forward to doing interstate gigs as one of my greatest joys in life is waiting for my baggage while imagining new and interesting ways to punish people who stand too close to the carousel.


Being able to perform my little routines and make people laugh as opposed to when I go on a similar rant at home and it’s mistaken by friends and family as a complete mental breakdown.


Getting to chat to audience members who come up to you after the show and give you feedback, like the lady who said ‘I thought you were very funny but I hope my daughter doesn’t end up like you’.


Drinking beers backstage like I’m 23 again, five pale ales on a Tuesday? Why not.


Rewarding myself with a late-night kebab if I have a good gig and punishing myself with a late-night kebab if I have a bad gig. Either way, I’m getting a kebab.

'Comedy Rock Show' is on at Factory Theatre (Sydney) on 26 November.



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