5 Places To Sit With Sketch Comedy Masters Hot Department

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Hot Department Hot Department

Sketch comedy connoisseurs Hot Department – aka Honor Wolff and Patrick Durnan Silva – are open for business.

This sexually dysfunctional comedy duo present their very own brand of surreal and twisted humour as seen on Aunty Donna, ABC's 'At Home Alone Together' and their own 'Stepmom Blues'. They advise you to please wear protection.

Hot Department have won Green Room Awards for Best Production, Best Ensemble In Cabaret and Best Writing In Cabaret in 2020 alone, and they're hitting the stage to show audiences just why their effortless blend of styles has been so well-received in Australia and New Zealand.

Here, Hot Department provide a very important list – five of the best places to sit.

Hot Department 2021 2


A stool. A stool is very cabaret and quirky and you can find them everywhere. A shop, a dive bar or even outside, in a fairy garden. Just be careful not to anger the Goblin Stool King. He eats anyone who enjoys sitting peacefully on a stool. When you sit on a stool you must look uncomfortable because you have no where to put your feet, or else it’s an offence to Mr. Goblin Stool King. He’ll think you’re mocking his perfect creation of uncomfortability and will slit your throat and feed you to his children. Our preference is a stool sample.


A couch. Never trust a couch.


A cement step. A cement step is perfect when you arrive too early to a party and you have to wait outside. The cold really makes you reflect on your undiagnosed mental illness and social anxiety, and how underappreciated your parents are, and that you should probably call your mother to tell her how much you love her. Then the step evokes this fear of mortality, and then a fear of clowns, then a fear that you may be at the wrong house, or maybe there was never a party, maybe, you just like the feeling of a rough surface to remind you that you're alive. And it gives you piles!

Hot Department 2021 3


An uncle’s lap. Need we say more. Hubba, hubba ;)


A face. Sitting on a face is great for R and R and R. Relaxation, recuperation and rimming. Sitting on a face means you can make a connection with a significant other or a friend. We sit on each other’s faces all the time, just to check in with ourselves and each other. Next time you sit on your friend’s face, think of us. And book tickets to our show.

Hot Department play Factory Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival) 8-9 May.



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