5 Most Shocking Gigs Comedian Ting Lim Has Done

Ting Lim
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Ting Lim is always getting herself into awkward situations.

The worst part is, the comedian has got no idea how to stop them from happening – she's been a plus one at a funeral, she's fought a Michael Jackson impersonator, and she's constantly roasted by her mum about it.

Ting found herself in the spotlight of the stand-up world from when she represented Queensland in RAW Comedy. Since then, she's toured sold-out comedy shows across Australia, as well as opening for Marty Sheargold, Demetri Martin, and Beth Stelling. She's written for television and has also featured on the award-winning show, 'Fisk'.

In the spirit of all things awkward, ahead of her aptly-titled show, 'Well... This Is Awkward' at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Ting Lim tells us about the five most shocking gigs she's done.


I remember doing an unannounced comedy gig at a wake. The pub double-booked the comedy night and wake for the same night. Instead of cancelling it, the pub decided it would be a good idea for there to be some comedy at the wake. Turns out they were wrong.


I was doing a gig at a beer garden when it suddenly rained. Instead of stopping the gig, we were told to continue while everyone rushed to cover the sound equipment. Needless to say, there was no audience left by the time I left the stage.


I was doing support at a brewery when a possum crawling along the beam decided it would be a good time to empty its bowels on me. Thankfully, I only had to take two buses back home.


I remember doing an open mic and getting pushed off stage by a lady high on meth so she could dance with toilet paper she stole from the bathrooms. She had more applause than I did that night.


I was performing at a gig when someone in the crowd had a heart attack. We stopped the show, waited for the ambulance to show up and continued on after.

Ting Lim plays Storyville Melbourne (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 9-21 April.

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