5 Most Overrated Things In Life With Comedian Masood Boomgaard

Masood Boomgaard
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Comedian, actor and content creator Masood Boomgaard is hitting stages around the country in a new live tour.

Masood has played in New York, London, Dubai, and – during the lockdowns of course – in his father's garage.

Masood is taking audiences on a journey through the eyes of his comedic alternative life coach and de-motivational speaker alter-ego, Self-Help Singh.

Self-Help Singh, who first appeared to Masood in a vision, promises mindfulness, healing, and all things de-motivational. Masood fell and hit his head on the way to the bathroom, attempting to outrun the gastric consequences of a bad lamb vindaloo. Enter Self-Help Singh.

Since Self-Help Singh's creation, he has been sharing 'common sense wisdom' and teachings to millions online. Meanwhile, in a live setting, it's a fusion of stand-up, parody, and motivational speaking.

Here, Masood lists five of the most overrated things in life.


Getting up early. Don't deny yourself one of few true free pleasures in this world – sleep. What is the hurry to spring from your bed and face a new day? Life is generally quite sh.t, so sleep through as much of it as possible. If you are going to get up early, make sure it’s for something worthwhile like to catch a flight you got a kick ass deal on. Getting up early to go hike or something like that is just psychotic!


Working hard. They say hard work never killed anybody but what doesn’t kill you puts you on chronic stress medication. Yes, working hard has been proven to ruin your life especially in a corporate environment. Hard work is seldom acknowledged or rewarded, in fact hard work is punished with you been given more work. Fly below the radar, you’ll be happier and live longer.


Diets. Like sleep, food is one of the few things we actually get to look forward to in our miserable lives. Enjoy it. Eat whatever you want, Soon you will be dead so what difference does it make. No one is going to give a sh.t about your BMI or body fat percentage when you’re in a casket. Also, I know of triathletes who exercised and ate kale and dropped dead without explanation.


Kids. Not all kids are exceptional, gifted celestial bodies. Some kids, possibly yours, are talentless free loaders who will amount to nothing. But that’s the risk you take in having kids. They are a life-long investment but also a poor one. There’s no guarantee your kid will take care of you when you’re old AF. Certainly not this generation of self-absorbed no-f...s-givers. Get a dog instead!


Saving money. Don’t obsess over a future that may never come. Enjoy your money when you have it. You cant take a dime with you. The money you don’t spend will be fought over by spouses, mistresses/toyboys and ungrateful children. So live now and leave nothing behind.

Masood Boomgaard plays UNSW Science Theatre (Sydney) 17 November, Rhino Room (Adelaide) 18 November and The Comic's Lounge (Melbourne) 19 November.

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