5 Comments Tahir Has Heard During Adelaide Fringe Each Year

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Tahir Tahir

Award-winning stand-up comedian Tahir returns to the Adelaide Fringe, bringing with him a bit of magic.

Whether you're grown up or not-so-grown-up, Tahir's got something for you – in the form of two shows laced with laughs and tricks to entice all.

Tahir's had his fair share of experiences at the Adelaide Fringe, so he's always hearing whispers and conversations during the buzz of the festival. Here, he lists the top five comments heard during Fringe each year.


“How many shows have you watched?” This comment is meant to belittle you when you have not watched anything. Privately you get upset with the person who has put you in a spot. Should you say just the one, or none, as you have meant to but haven't got around to booking yet.


“Is the Adelaide Fringe on?” Yes, Sherlock, it is on. There are little clues like posters, tents, banners and people (more numbers than usual walking around). It comes and goes every year so get amongst it.


“What is the best venue?” This is a common question many people ask – some say the pubs, some even say the Garden. No, no, no. . . People can be bias. The best venue hands down is Gluttony. Incredible layout with an incredible selection of acts including comedy, circus, cabaret and magic. Gluttony is the cool place and the true heartbeat of the Fringe. Oh, and I perform all my shows there!


“Is Tahir doing a children's magic show in addition to his adult show?” Well, they don't really ask this question every year but this year they might. I have prepared a children's comedy magic show called 'The World's Best Worst Magician!'. All ages. All laughs and fun!


“Sh.t it's hot!” Like it's a surprise? It's February, it's summer, it's Adelaide. . . Yes the temperature is going to get a little high but only pikers and the weak let this stop them. In Gluttony, most of the tents have machines where really really cold air goes through them and cools it down so everyone can enjoy the show in comfort. Don't be surprised when the temp goes up in summer. Book a show (hopefully mine) otherwise suffer the pain of regret during the cold harsh winter months ahead.

Tahir plays Ukiyo at Gluttony – Rymill Park ('Adult Comedy Meets S#!t Magic!') 19 February-21 March, and The Octagon at Gluttony – Rymill Park ('The World's Best Worst Magician!') 27 February-21 March.



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