5 Best Custard Tarts Daniel Connell Has Had

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Daniel Connell Daniel Connell

Daniel Connell's had a flare up.

He's also had a pretty big few years (not counting the most recent one we don't speak of, because that was a mess for everyone) and he's ready to get back into the swing of live stand-up, presenting his dry, observational comedy to adoring audiences.

As seen on MICF's own Gala show as well as 'Kinne Tonight', and his stand-up hour 'Piece Of Piss', it's time for a new era of Connell.

But before all that kicks off, as a priority, Daniel has listed five of the best custard tarts he's ever had. Make it your mission to head to one, some or all of these places.


Charlton Bakery Cafe, Charlton, VIC. Wow, what a tart. Perfect crust with a lovely well-set custard, and a sprinkling of cinnamon.


AJ's Hotbake, Batemans Bay, NSW. Was number one for years until I went to Charlton. Big tart with a lot of custard and a delicious crumbly base.


Batehaven Bakehouse, Batemans Bay, NSW. Was number two for years until I went to Charlton. Not a big tart but bursting flavour, and a solid base.


High Street Bakery, Broadford, VIC. Only snuck into the top five within the past few weeks. Worth a trip to Broadford just to check out this delicious tart.


The Braidwood Bakery, Braidwood, NSW. Has always been a favourite place to stop at on road trips. This tart doesn't look like much, but oh boy is it a ripper.

Daniel Connell plays Melbourne Town Hall (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 25 March-18 April.



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